About Us

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Who Are We?

We are Positive Hemp Vibez, LLC (PHV), a members owned and managed distribution company.  PHV work with farmers, processors, producers, manufacturers, and distributors of hemp and hemp bi-products. Our goal is to control the vertical network from seed to shelf, which helps to assures the highest quality processes and products at fair market values.

The mission of Positive Hemp Vibez. is to develop, manufacture, and distribute natural products which utilizes high-quality naturally grown industrial hemp. We will accomplish our mission through the exchange of goods and services with farmers, professionals, consultants, wholesalers, and retailers within the hemp and business-related industries.

Positive Hemp Vibe’s vision is to economically unify within a network of disenfranchised individuals and entities to provide healthier alternatives which will positively affect the mental, emotional, physical, and environmental aspects of the quality of life for humans globally.

Positive Hemp Vibez’s core values are:

  • Honor our ancestors in every goal, decision, and action.
  • Ma’at concepts of truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice.
  • Integrity in all aspects of our company’s goals, plans, and actions.
  • Love for each other, our clients, customers, and partners.
  • Pride and Unity within ourselves and our global communities.